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Precision Designed with your Economy in Mind

Durable. Precise. Cost-Efficient.

These words describe the Econotool line of products. Our innovatively designed indexable carbide insert cutters provide you with an ease of maintenance and minimal downtime. The Econotool cutter head configuration is the most practical and sturdy of its kind offered to the wooden pallet industry. Each cutter plate is interchangeable (NOT numbered for sequence). Each cutter plate is bolted one to the next (NOT slapped together). Manufacturing in our 11,000 square foot plant with state of the art equipment assures accuracy and quality control. Our multi-pallet CNC machining center allows for quick turn around, of both your standard and custom orders.

Reliable. Productive. Dedicated.

These words describe the Econotool team. The core group of our workforce, with each member having over 20 years of Econotool experience, provides the knowledge and skills necessary to consistently serve your needs. Feel confident that when you work with Econotool these are the people providing the information you need. Questions answered promptly and accurately. Problems are solved. Our job is to increase your job efficiency. And we take pride in a job well done.

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