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Precision Designed with your Economy in Mind

Entire cutter head features indexable 4-sided carbide inserts (Econotool exclusive) which reduce downtime because only inserts need to be serviced, not entire cutter head, provide 2 to 4 cutting surfaces (depending on length of time between rotations), are fully ground and have radiused corners for strength against chipping, all inserts are fully resharpenable to reduce replacement costs.

Every cutter is interchangeable and bolted one to the next (easier to maintain and built stronger)…NOT numbered and NOT slapped together.

  • Unique end cutter design provides more inserts working on 1.5″ radius corner (quieter cutting and less power required).
  • .825″ 4-sided end cutter inserts provide four cutting surfaces (fully pocketed into end cutter nests).
  • Removable end cutter nests (Econotool exclusive) are bolted to the body, preserving the life of the end cutter body and greatly reducing replacement costs.
  • Split cutters, short keyway or combination mounting options mean exceptional balance and less vibration.
  • Reversible clamp means double clamping life.
  • Bolt head options: 12 point, hex head or allen head.
  • Strap notcher with split cutters makes keyway unnecessary and makes notch width changes easier.
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