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Precision Designed with your Economy in Mind
Cant Sizer / Planner Indexable Cutter Head With Replaceable Inserts

Features indexable 4-sided carbide inserts which reduce downtime because only inserts need to be serviced, not entire cutter head, provide 2 to 4 cutting surfaces (depending on length of time between rotations), are fully ground and have radiused corners for strength against chipping, and are fully resharpenable to reduce replacement costs.

  • Every cutter is interchangeable and bolted one to the next (easier to maintain and built stronger)…NOT numbered and NOT
    slapped together.
  • Split cutters (every other) cinch head to shaft which means no keyway necessary, optimal balance.
  • Incremental cutting eliminates the pounding effect of longer blades (less vibration and easier on bearings).
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